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Her 4 life-changing minutes

Luck of summer rain
Creative Commons License photo credit: lepiaf.geo

You like to sing. In fact, you’ve been singing since you were 12.

You’re 47, but at first glance, you look a bit older.

You’ve never been kissed.

You live with your cat.

Kids on your street make fun of you.

She’s real

While it sounds like a stereotype that I made up, she’s real.

She has 4 minutes to change her life.

Luck? Jim Rohn describes it as the intersection of preparedness and opportunity.

If you had that opportunity in your business, are you ready to hit it out of the park?

Preparation and opportunity. The latter you can’t often control. The former is a different story.

If you had her heart, where would you be?

Be prepared.

Update: A little more about Susan Boyle, the woman featured in the video. She is the youngest of nine children in a coal-mining town, who spent much of her life caring for an aging mother. She was diagnosed with a learning disability as a youngster and was bullied in school. Nobody knew of her talent…except for the patrons of a pub where she sang karaoke, and they were all watching the night she performed on the show, waiting for the world to learn what she could do.