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Holy cow, I gotta have that!

Rory Sutherland asks how a prospect or customer gets to that place in this 16 minute TED video. Sort of.

How does perceived value impact your business and your clientele’s thinking?

How could it?

It’s not about lying or confusing prospective (and existing) customers.

It’s about making it easier to see the value in what you make or do. You have no more important job and that’s what marketing (and positioning) are all about.

If you sell the best *whatever* in the world but know one seems to know about it, does it really matter how good that *whatever* is?

Making it obvious to the customer why they can’t get to sleep that night without getting their hands on a package of that thing (or service) that you sell. Holy cow, I gotta have that.

Think about it over a bowl of Diamond Shreddies. I suggest the combo pack…

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TED: Music, technology, expression, engineering & Cerebral Palsy

Today’s guest post is a video from TED2008 and shows – among other things – why university students pursue what might typically appear to be “useless” work in their graduate studies.

photo credit: kk+

The video starts to hit home at 12 minutes, so don’t get impatient and click away. If nothing else, fast forward to about 10 minutes so you can get the full impact of the rest of the video.

Think about the workplace. Coma patients. Eldercare. Automation. Industrial safety.

Joe Lazarus’ presentation at TED2008

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8 Secrets to Success

Today’s guest post comes from Richard St. John‘s 3 minute session at the 2005 TED.

Seven years and 500 interviews compressed into 8 keys to success, summarized in 3 minutes – all because a teenager on an airplane asked him “What leads to success?”

At the time, he felt his answer wasn’t good enough. Today, St. John is the author of Spike’s Guide to Success: Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and RICH.