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Transform the customer experience

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Creative Commons License photo credit: jon hanson

Yesterday we talked about how Bone’s of Atlanta transformed their clientele’s wine buying experience by putting custom iPad-based wine selection tools in their hands.

Today, we’re talking about another iPad-impacted project, but this isn’t just about the iPad.

Instead, it’s about what steps you are willing to take to transform your customers’ experience with you.

For example, it might be hard to imagine that your school would put an iPad in every student’s hands – and allow (actually require) them to take them home at night, but that’s exactly what they did. Someone said “What if?” and followed it with action.

If you take a look at how Fraser Speiers says his school’s iPad project is going, you’ll find comments like “couldnt get them (young students) to stop working on math.”

He also comments that…

I simply can’t yet get to grips with everything that’s happening. Put simply, the iPad deployment has transformed our school. Not evenly and not everywhere yet, but it’s coming.

When’s the last time you heard someone say something “transformed” their school? (No Child Left Behind notwithstanding)

Perhaps a better question is this: When did you last transform the experience your customers receive?

It doesn’t require an iPad or 12 extra employees in most cases, just a little thought.