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It’s Tyme to say “sayonara” to ShareThis

Since this blog popped up out of the ground, I’ve been using a plugin called “ShareThis” to simplify the look of this place and make it easy for you to share posts on social networks no matter what bookmarketing, social network doohickey you use.

Last night, I was previewing today’s iPhone post and noticed that it was taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R for the post to be displayed.

And then it hit me. Tyme told me privately a few weeks ago that my blog was really slow when she viewed it – something I hadn’t seen before. I have looked and looked for the problem and kept coming up dry.

Until tonight.

The culprit was the new ShareThis that calls home to figure out whatever it figures out. So it is out of here like you know what through a goose.

I’ll add some buttons at the bottom shortly so you can mark posts that are important to you – without the overhead of ShareThis. Sometimes easy isn’t always best.

And a big shout out to Tyme for giving me a heads up in the first place. I owe you one.

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WordPress 2.5 – A big time breath of fresh air for bloggers

If you’ve blogged for a while, sliding over to the announcement page for WordPress 2.5 will bring a smile to your face.

WordPress has been a really strong app all along, but the stuff in 2.5 is just perfect for the short list of “Man, I sure wish WordPress did ….”

For me, the big ticket items in WordPress 2.5 are:

  • Easier ( in most cases – 1 click ) plugin upgrades.
  • A much better WYSIWYG post editor that doesn’t chomp on your HTML code.
  • Built-in photo galleries (goes to WordPress big cheese Matt Mullenweg’s galleries) which includes EXIF extraction and a vastly better upload tool.
  • Full-screen editing for the wordy among us:)

I’ll be moving to 2.5 here at Business is Personal as part of a refurb that’s I’ve been working on sporadically. I spent too many years in the software business to just upload it and employ the strategy of hope on an existing site that I can’t afford to have down for a week. Since I use WP as a content management system (CMS), I’m testing 2.5 for some new sites, so as I find interesting discoveries, I’ll note them here.

Why do I mention this?

Because small business owners should be blogging and your blog should be on your small business’ website – NOT at the group blog hosting sites or, etc. Positioning, positioning, positioning.