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If your business uses PPC ads, your world just changed. Again.

Google is starting to offer the ability to advertise inside YouTube. Rather than repeat the YouTube / AdWords connection story here, I suggest you take a look at Website Magazine’s coverage of the YouTube advertising story.

If you are already using pay-per-click advertising in your business, the time to get your strategy figured out for this new search/ad opportunity is now, not a year from now. The lead dog has a better view.

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Obama and Don K Infomercials: Breeding familiarity

The other night after the Obama infomercial, there was a 30 minute infomercial-style video by a local Chevy dealer in Whitefish (not the same dealer that Jim the birthday phone caller works for) on one of the cable channels here in the Flathead Valley.

While there were a few rough places, it was a nice, home-grown piece that introduced the staff, talked about their experience, educated you about their business and their staff.

It was similar in strategy to Obama’s infomercial – and several million dollars cheaper:)

A friendly, informal, not overproduced video like this was ideal for familiarizing you with things and people in their biz so that when you actually visit, you feel that deja-vu, I’ve been a customer before feeling – even if you aren’t.


Raising your comfort level simply by seeing places and faces you’ve seen before, and hearing voices you’ve heard before.

Don K’s place is informal, not stuffy. You expect humor and shooting from the hip – just like in the video – but always with a purpose.

One of the staff introduced a new guy as having 30 days of experience at the dealer, but 29 years in sales. They promoted him as having lots of knowledge about sales, which was one of the few trip ups in this piece. “Knowing a lot about sales” is absolutely NOT what people come to a car dealer for.

The finance guy was great. Talked about warranties and loans in a common sense, interesting fashion (hard to believe, isn’t it?) as well as a bunch of other stuff. He was very personable.

The service guy was a fish out of water. They probably should have found someone else in that department to talk as he just didn’t seem comfortable. Be sure the people you choose are right for the task. It just isn’t some folks’ cup of tea – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

No other dealer around here has bothered to do something like this.

I suspect this 30 minute infomercial (Don K’s) was bought as remainder time, which is time that gets used (like on the radio) when they don’t have ad space or programming sold already. You don’t have to buy 30 minutes worth of expensive prime TV time to get eyeballs.

I hope Don adds clips of the video to YouTube and puts them on his site. That’s what you should be doing as well.

Breed familiarity with your staff and your business. Video is but one tool to use for that purpose.

All you need is an outline for your message, a $50 webcam and YouTube. What are you waiting for?