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Tainted dog food, Oprah and the deafening silence

Lately, the big dog and cat food “scandal” regarding the tainted food manufactured by Menu Foods has been all over the news. Poisoned or tainted food, made by the biggest processors in the industry, has been recalled from all over North America. is just a sample of the press on this topic.

Meanwhile, there’s an amazing, deafening silence from the alternative pet food manufacturers. You may not even realize that they are out there. They really do exist.

A few of them have a brief (1 short sentence) mention, such as “Our food has not been recalled.”, but that’s it.

What a perfect opportunity to get yourself and your pet food company on Oprah (for example) and forever be in the prime grocery shoppers’ minds as “the ONLY safe dog food”. Guaranteed, if you got in touch with their booking agent and offered a 10 lb bag to everyone in the studio audience, and brought a few cute little critters with you, you’d be on in nothing flat. That appearance would likely result in a ton of public relations that would get you on other shows.

If you were a little daring, you might even toss a handful in your mouth and say “Our food is so safe and nutritious, I’ll eat it myself. How’s that for proof?” Next, throw down the dog biscuit and challenge other dog food company CEOs to eat their pet food with your, right there on national tv. No way will anyone else do it.

FYI: 68 million people see Oprah’s show every week, on average. 68 MILLION. That’s almost 1/4th of the US population, folks. Primarily women. Guess who buys the pet food?

But nevermind that, just sit there with Rover at your feet and wait for your distributors to place another order. It’s their job to sell, not yours, right?

Really, really dumb to miss an opportunity this big. This is one of those amazing opportunities in life, like Gates selling IBM something he didnt even have, perhaps with a few less zeroes at the end. Opportunities like this don’t stumble by very often.

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We are an organic dog food manufacturer who listens daily to dog and cat owners who are being told that the food they are feeding their beloved pets are the healthest, most nutritious and best ingredients available. It only cost the top 5 companies about $260 a ton to produce the food they are selling â??you.â? Do you really believe they are going to spend a lot of money on prime ingredients? NO.
But what has happened is they advertise in the billions of dollars and not in billions of dollars worth of good and edible food. Yes the food is cheap, at what cost to your beloved pet? Is your pet for sale!!!

Victoria McDowell

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