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Telling your story

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Telling your story doesn’t always mean “Sell, sell, sell!”

Sometimes it might mean an anecdote, a heads-up or a sliver of “Did you know?

It might mean that once a week or month, you remind your customers of that little thing they need to do – that might not cost a dime – to save themselves trouble, money or time. Little things like this are what make you special.

  • For some, that might be in the context of the weather: “Hey, a nasty cold snap is coming – if you don’t want pipes to freeze, do these 3 things…”
  • Someone else might tell their about what’s going on in the world of finance: “A new law was sent to the President’s desk this week, you might want to deal with this before it takes effect.”

The what isn’t nearly as important as the value you deliver to the “who” (your customers and prospects). Timely, brief, valuable, actionable information – not boring stuff you copied out of your industry trade magazine.

Being special isn’t that hard. It doesn’t take fireworks and massive expenditures.

It just takes showing your customers that you’re thinking about them and their welfare –  both strategically and where the little day-to-day stuff is concerned.

What else matters?