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It takes a lot money to start a business. Or does it?

Today’s guest post comes from The Big Idea, where you’ll hear about a guy who started a multi-million dollar business with $350.

Watch this short video to learn his story. How can you use what he did?

2 replies on “It takes a lot money to start a business. Or does it?”

I agree it does not take much money to start a business. Of course their are some tradeoffs, one way to start is to build up a business while continuing to work on your regular job. It is a different tactic than many choose but it can be effective and doesn’t require fully supporting yourself at the start.

Y-combinator is another great source for info. They provide funds of under $20,000 to jump start businesses and have been very successful. See great talks from their startup school (via one of their startups – Omnisio). Reddit is another great web company that was funded through them.

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