Book Reviews

The Radical Leap – Steve Farber

This one is on my “re-read annually” list. Written a bit like a mystery story, it sneaks up on you. You think you’re flying through an easy-to-read mystery wrapped around a business book, but the story of E.G. Maritime and Sons gets you in the end.

Ideal for any leader, wanna-be leader, business owner or entrepreneur, it boils what the author calls “Extreme Leadership” down to 4 things, which are covered in the LEAP acronym: cultivate LOVE, generate ENERGY, inspire AUDACITY and provide PROOF.

I know, I know. It sounds like something you might hear on Oprah (by the way, Oprah is a billionaire, so don’t think too little of her). The author is a former Tom Peters VP, so he’s seen a few great leaders in his day.

12 bucks. Can’t go wrong. I didnt dog ear this one because the entire supplement at the end is one big ear.