Book Reviews

Think and Grow Rich

The classic 1937 Napoleon Hill book that still motivates entrepreneurs.
For those who dont know the story, Andrew Carnegie offered to give Hill access to his billionaire friends so that he could document the traits of extraordinarily successful people. Hill had to do so on his own time and money, he received nothing from Carnegie except access to “unreachable” people. After 20 years of interviewing Carnegie’s friends and associates, Hill came up with 17 traits that these people had in common. These 17 traits bore the book, “Think and Grow Rich”.
Even if nothing else came out of this book but the mastermind process, it would still be one of the classic books for business people.
If you are a business owner and you arent in a mastermind, find one.

You can find masterminds that are run by professionally trained advisors at, among other places. The combination of DK mastermind material and Hill’s mastermind discovery is quite powerful. You can even put one together yourself, but Id suggest that your first would be best for you if coordinated by someone experienced in the process.