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Think and take advantage.

This weekend I’m at Ken McCarthy’s System in Chicago, a who’s who assemblage of internet marketers, along with a fair serving of those new to marketing their business on the internet.

Ken puts together a great program, and it’s not the same group of people who would do or say anything to sell you something. It’s an assembly of real people with real successes who are genuinely interested in helping others do what they did. For those who dont know him, Ken is one of the down to earth, regular nice guys in internet marketing business – and that alone makes him stand out in a world of shovel sellers. A real class act.

Just before heading up to the room tonight, I ran into one of my Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Montana Chapter members here, Joel from Billings’ Rock Creek Coffee, which just thrilled me. Why? Because seeing people who are making a concerted effort to improve themselves and their business is exciting. So many people are in “build it and they will come” mode, but not Joel.

Even better, Joel went one better than just showing up and turned it into a lesson for my readers.

Rather than just showing up, he Fedex’d a pound of Rock Creek Coffee to the hotel. More specifically, he sent one pound each, addressed to each member of Ken’s faculty. Brilliant, grass roots marketing that will promote his product and his business in a very smart, but inexpensive way.

Taking advantage of opportunity sometimes means thinking a little.

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