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Think to differentiate your real estate, restaurant, or retail store.

All Realtors are the same, right? All restaurants are the same, right? Web 2.0 is just for geeks, right?

Not so fast, Mary.

One of the first things you’ll hear from a real estate agent is “and look how convenient it is to schools and shopping…”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that online? You can.

I stumbled across a new tool that can give businesses are new way to differentiate themselves – particularly in walking communities and neighborhoods.

It’s called “WalkScore”and it helps show how easy it is to find your business simply by walking down the street from their apartment, condo, home or office.

Keep in mind that a neighborhood could be a residential area in a small town, in a large city, or even in a business area that surrounds your cafe or other business. You dont have to be in massive walkable cities like San Francisco, Boston or New York in order for this to help your business.

Even in rural towns like Kalispell, Columbia Falls, and Whitefish Montana – the WalkScore has value because it tells people how close our business REALLY is to where they work, live and play.

It shows your cafe, your real estate listing, your store, bar, your apartment complex or condo rentals, in relationship to the things around it.

Let’s look at an example:

Here is the WalkScore widget looking at the Flathead Beacon office in Kalispell.

That place sure looks convenient.

  • Imagine the uses for your day care, cafe, apartment complex, dry cleaning store, etc.
  • How would you use this to market this office space if it became vacant?
  • How would you use it to make your business more attractive as a place to work?
  • How useful would this be to a new college student and their parent when selecting a place to live?

There are a pile of uses for this. Just gotta think about it.

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I’m not in real estate so I dont have listings, but I would expect that a good walkscore could be a positive attribute for a listing, just as much as a bad one could.

It really depends on the listing itself. In the absence of client feedback, Id probably only use it on listings that that it added to, regardless of the score.

Thanks for reading:)


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