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Tinkering around with Glyphius, a scientific copywriting analyzer

A while back, I bought a scientific copywriting analysis tool called Glyphius, written by James Brausch.

The short story on Glyphius is that James has taken a huge pile of copy, imported it into his software, performed analysis on the nature of the copy vs the actual results of that copy, and created a method for scoring new copy based on the results that previously analyzed copy has produced.

Based on what his software learned from analyzing other people’s sales copy and the associated results, it can then score YOUR copy. The higher the score, the better Glyphius feels about your copy.

In order to get comfortable with the software and verify that the scoring works as claimed, I’m testing it on a few Adwords campaigns. I already have traffic and results for these ads and will report back when I see how the click through and conversion numbers go. Obviously, I hope it improves the click through and conversion for these ads and their sales pages.

Will it work? I have no idea, but there are a number of folks whose testing shows that it does. My engineering and programming background tells me that the concept makes sense. After all, you are bouncing your copy off of the findings of James’ testing with other copy that he has results for.

After my initial use of the software, a few suggestions come to mind as well as what appears to be a minor bug.

1) Consider an “AdWords mode” where the entry boxes for the copy are setup exactly like the AdWords entry form in Google’s system. Not a big deal, just something to make the process smoother for Adwords users. Little things like this tend to improve usability, especially for less-technical software users (an untapped market for products of this nature.)

2) To that end, if my copy has a limit on characters (like AdWords does), it would be nice to have a setting that tells Glyphius to beep, limit character entry or otherwise annoy me when I’ve exceeded the maximum # of characters allowed for an ad I’m scoring. This might be an alternative to suggestion 1, but life isn’t just about Adwords. Sorry Google.

3) Add a button to capitalize each word in the ad (or toggle the caps off). From what I’ve seen so far, Glyphius doesn’t change the score when copy moves from cap’d to regular formatting, but it would be a convenient time saver for those who test the results of both formats.

4) Based on the intelligence built into the software’s prior analysis, I’m wondering if its possible to use what it knows and offer suggestions to copy that you have in the window at the time. I realize this takes it to a whole different level, but it crossed my mind, so I figured I’d mention it:)

5) When the Clear button is pressed, it would save time if the cursor was placed in the “Enter text to score here” field.

6) When I use a word like “free” that has a negative score in Glyphius, show me a list of synonyms for “free” from the Glyphius database that DON’T have negative scores.

The bug that I found is minor. It looks like the character count displayed for the number of characters entered the copy entry box reports 1 more character than actually exists. Further research showed that it occurred on lines that did NOT wrap around. For example, if you use “discover this amazing complimentary copywriting course that can increase sales dramatically… guaranteed!” as the text to score, and display it on 1 line – you see a count of 107. If you then increase the font size to force the line to wrap, the count goes down to 106. A minor thing, but it can be critical to media where the character length of the copy is limited.

I’ll post more here as I get more ideas about it. So far, it’s simple, functional and I’m finding that it forces me to think hard about each word in my copy – and there’s a lot of good in that.

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More on Glyphius suggestions:

I waffled on this a bit at first, but I really would like a way to save (and later) load campaigns / letters / headlines etc that Im working on. I know this moves the program into another zone (maintaining a database and all that goes with it), but if you are doing any sort of volume of copy at all – its going to become valuable.

I have been looking for a legitimate, affordable way to copyright my material. After reading about this product,�Glyphius,� my interest is definitely peeked.

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