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Touched someone today?

One of the things I say to clients who are building a business is “drip, drip, drip”.

By the way, *everyone* is building a business, no matter how long they’ve been around.

Anyhow, I say that to remind them that they should do something every day to work ON their business, rather than IN (for) their business.

One such thing is drip-drip-drip: Do at least one thing today to get (or keep) a customer.

  • Write a blog post.
  • Make a phone call.
  • Visit a client.
  • Mail a post card or newsletter.
  • Email something from their industry or about something they or their family is interested in.
  • Check in to see if they are struggling with anything – even if you’re fairly sure they aren’t.
  • Thank a customer. Yep, just out of the blue. “Thanks for continuing to trust our business to help you.”

Just like the Colorado carved the Grand Canyon, the drip-drip-drip of paying attention to your customers in even the smallest ways….will pay off over the long term.

Best of all, most others either won’t do it or they’ll do it with a sales call – which is NOT the same thing. The sales call is about YOU. All those other things listed above are about THEM.