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Your customers are already trained to share. Help them.

Have you noticed what happens when you add an item to your Amazon wish list?

Three tabs appear on the right side of the “We just added this to your wish list page”.

This tab is ready-made for a Facebook post with just one click. There’s a link to the book, a brief summary of the book and a 1 click button to share your wish.

This tab is ready-made for a tweet with one click.

It even makes note that a link to your wish list item will be part of the tweet and because 140 characters is always on the mind of Twitter users, it notes that the link’s characters are part of the characters-remaining count shown at the right side of the tweet box.

This tab makes it as easy as possible to share about your wish list item via email.

Forget Amazon…what about you?

Your customers are already trained to share both the good and the bad.

Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and many others have made it fashionable, normal, if not part of our culture. Even if you don’t participate in the sharing, your customers do.

How are you giving your customer easy ways to share what they want, what they love, what they dislike, what they’d do different – with you and with those important to them?