The Slight Edge

TV, James Brausch and the slight edge

James Brausch has been talking about tv’s effect on your income (and kids, etc) over the last day or two.

One post in particular should leap out at you: the one about the correlation between tv viewing hours per day and annual income. While I agree with his comments, I wanted to warn you not to get “bound up” in the ratios themselves, the scientific accuracy of the numbers/survey and all that.

Those numbers and their accuracy to 7 decimal points don’t begin to matter. What does matter is what you do with the time you would normally spend watching American Idol, etc.
Are you reading books from my book list, or for that matter – anyone’s?

Remember, Amazon has said that the average American family buys 5 books per year – and that most of those are GIFTS. Given that bit of information, how much effort does it take to get another slight edge over your competition if you are regularly reading business and personal development books, marketing newsletters and similar materials? Not much, IMO.

Are you putting out any effort to learn more about your competition, your industry and more importantly – what tactics and strategies are being used by people in other industries that can be molded to become useful to your business?

I suppose the bottom line is this: are you putting out any effort? Or are you watching American Idol? Look around you. What are the habits of the most successful people you know? If yours are completely different, perhaps you should consider why that is.