Unintended consequences. Are you ready?

When McDonald’s started selling Apple Dippers back in 2005, they suddenly became one of the largest consumers of apples in the U.S., anticipating the purchase of at least 54 million apples annually.

Businesses using apples surely had to notice a change in supply and cost. A change they probably weren’t expecting.

Sometimes it’s a bit more serious than that.

A recent story in the Missoulian described the trouble Columbia Falls Montana police chief Dave Perry was having getting ammo for his department.


2 reasons noted in the story.

  1. LOTS of ammo is heading to Iraq. LOTS.
  2. China’s hunger for metals is not slowing down.

Both things are driving up costs and driving down supplies of metals used to make ammo, as well as the ammo itself.

Who would have thought that the police chief of a town of 4500 in Northwest Montana would have trouble buying enough (or any) ammo for his officers?

What happens to the stores who depend on ammo sales for a large portion of their business?

What happens to the other businesses who depend on the metals “diverted” to ammo and China.

Look around. Are you ready for the next McDonald’s, China or Iraq?