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Update: Transparent Economics

Here’s some suggested reading in a follow up to my post “Transparent Economics“:

A NY Times article about steps airlines are taking to make planes more efficient. Smart stuff. Kudos to them for looking at everything, but not just cutting for the sake of cutting.

Quoting from the article:

â??Our fleet is over 500 airplanes,â? said Beth Harbin, a Southwest spokeswoman. â??If you can make a difference on one airplane on one flight, and multiply that by 500, in this day and age that is significant.”

These are the same kinds of steps you should be taking as well. Looking at everything strategically, not just going after things with a machete.

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Back before running shoes became became specialized, marathoners used to shave off excess leather and rubber in order to save energy. (Think how much energy a runner could save by lightening his load half an ounce over the course of 26.2 miles.)

Now the airlines are doing it. They’ll get better at this and their vendors will accelerate their product development in this regard as well.

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