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Video for your business: Did the Queen beat you to it?

queenyoutube.jpg Just a few days ago, the Queen of England announced that she had started her own YouTube channel. Unfortunately, her channel doesn’t allow us to embed her YouTube videos here, so you get a screen shot and a link instead of a live YouTube viewer. As you can see above, they’ve even gone back to 1957’s first TV broadcast from the Queen and placed that on YouTube.

I’ve told you about a few stories of other businesses who are using YouTube for promotion, like the “Will It Blend” people who rode to huge success after recording video of the blending an iPod in their high-end blenders (most recently, they blend an iPhone). Likewise, a few other examples are in the ToBlog list.

Now, even someone that many would perceive as “stuffy” shows that she gets it.

“I very much hope that this new medium will make my Christmas message more personal and direct,” The Queen said from her Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

Personal and direct. I couldn’t have said it better. Isn’t that what the small business owner wants and needs? You know my opinion on that:)

Creating your own videos doesn’t require a bunch of expensive equipment and pricey TV studio time. Many effective videos have been created with nothing more than a webcam. Like blogging has its place in small business marketing, so does video. YouTube provides the platform at no cost. What are you waiting for?

A reason? Some ideas? Ok, I’ll toss in a few.

Software companies can use them to expose new features – or even dry run a prototype feature. They can be used for detailed help, or tutorials.

Retailers who sell everything from espresso machines to chainsaws can put them up to provide answers and instruction for common issues and questions from their clientele. You could even include a DVD of tutorials and instructive videos with your purchase. Major manufacturers have done this for some time. Why not you? People don’t expect HDTV quality with network talking heads, you and your staff will do the trick

Internet business pioneer KenMcCarthy has been trying to sell internet businesses on the value of Internet Video for at least 2 years. Maybe with the Queen’s help, the rest of us will follow suit. I’ve tinkered with it some, but not gotten serious about it. Perhaps it’s time.

What about you?

If the technology throws you a bit, there are facilities out there to help you, even if all you have is a webcam and no technology skills. probably the easiest one I’ve seen is Instant Video Generator, but there are others. Don’t let the technology throw you, just start doing it.