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Visiting with Dave Taylor

Mark and Dave at Sherman Huâ??s traffic session

I spent this past weekend in Chicago at a Ken McCarthy event and had the pleasure and good fortune of both chatting with and hearing Dave Taylor address a group of entrepreneurs.

Like Al Gore, you may have never heard of Dave Taylor. Ok, maybe you have. For those who haven’t, Dave was right there “side by side with Al” (as Dave joked) working on the Internet as far back as 1980. Yes, 19EIGHTY. If you Google around, you’ll find that Dave not only had an early hand in the net, but was also the author of Elm, an early email client, among other things.

These days, Dave’s main gig, besides his wife and kids, is his blog at, where he takes the pain out of those flashing 00:00:00’s on your VCR, as well more modern technology, coding, blogging etc. He answers a ton of common questions about technology, web sites, and so on – such as “How to add Google’s public calendar search to your blog“.

Dave’s business model is interesting to observe, is rather dependent on Google AdSense, and it’s in plain view on his site, in case you’re looking for some ideas on how to monetize your blog.

Like many (but not all) in Ken’s assembly of wizzos, Dave was a soft-spoken, matter of fact, easy to talk to, but SMART guy that I really enjoyed chatting with and in particular, listening to.

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