WalMart’s expansion in Montana: How to keep an eye on it.

If you happen to know about RSS feeds, here’s the RSS feed for Montana specific WalMart news.

If you dont know what an RSS feed is, just use the link at the top of this post for now.

If you read this page, you’ll see that the expansion is quite substantial. Retailers all over the state are hopefully prepared for Walmart’s effect on their businesses. If they arent ready, they had better start taking steps NOW, double time.

Because this expansion is so vast (and I doubt they’re done), we’ve added a category called “Beating WalMart” to our blog.

You cant beat WalMart at their game, but you can change the game to one you CAN win.

Stay tuned. If you never thought you’d need Kennedy-style marketing and strategies, this is what should change your mind.

One last thing: This isnt about “WalMart shouldn’t be here” and “Let’s zone them out of town” etc. Like em or not, we’re still an open market country for the most part. If you want to work on zoning them out of town or creating new laws (like Maryland’s attempt) to get rid of them, go somewhere else. Whether you think it’s right or wrong, they are coming to town. So let’s deal with reality.

What’s reality? How to thrive even after WalMart opens, how to prepare once the announcement comes and what to do to position your business – including reconsidering your location to take advantage of all that traffic coming to WalMart. Finding out what worked elsewhere and adapting it for your use, and more.