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What do your customers imagine?

Imagine a car dealer who would show you a checklist of items that were going to be added to the price of the vehicle you’re purchasing after the negotiated MSRP is arrived at – and did so BEFORE you started negotiations, if not before you chose a vehicle.

Imagine a repair shop that sent you a text message (email, etc) when your car was ready, or when an unexpected delay occurred.

Imagine a restaurant with chefs who are allergy-aware (yes, there are a few).

Imagine an oil change store that reminds you (via email, text message, phone call, Twitter, whatever) that your vehicle is coming due for service and tells you what upcoming appointment slots are available.

Imagine a large grocery store with a milk, eggs, butter and bread in a small “grab and go” area at the front of the store, rather than putting them at the back of the store in a psychological ploy to get you to buy more stuff.

Imagine the things about your business that customers think “Man, I wish they’d do….” about.

Imagine your business re-designed for the way your customers live and work.

Imagine what would transform your business if you only had the nerve to do it – even though no one else in your market has.

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