Marketing Positioning Small Business Strategy

What do your small business customers need that they don’t buy from you?

shineshoes.jpgIâ??ll bet you have a product or service that your clients really need to improve their lives or their business, but for some reason, they rarely buy it.

Every business seems to have one, mine included.
Why is that? Have you ever asked them why they don’t buy it?

If you offer a product or service that almost every client should be buying or using, but most arenâ??t, why arenâ??t you selling it harder, or looking into why it isnâ??t selling, or examining the marketing that promotes it? There has to be a reason.

More often than not, itâ??s an educational issue with your client.
They just donâ??t understand why itâ??s so important or valuable to them – and yes, it is your job to provide that education. How does it help them? Who else has it helped? What are the specific benefits that other clients have seen?

In other words, you might just be using the wrong strategy to sell that product.

One thing that I recommend is to GET SPECIFIC. Give them reasons to want to buy it.

IE: â??So and so saved 42% on their maintenance expenses after moving to our diesel maintenance service.â? or â??Mary Jo Wamplerâ??s retail store web site saw 1200 more visitors per month after using our web traffic improvement strategies. â??

If itâ??s a product, are you marketing it properly? Is it packaged properly?

If itâ??s a service, are you explaining its value in terms that client can relate to, as opposed to technical lingo that only industry experts understand?

Does your sales staff have the training they need to explain the benefits of this product or service? Do you have any information, measurements, feedback etc that would indicate why this product or service doesnâ??t sell?

Imagine the impact on your clients if you were able to show them the value in this under-utilized service or product. Just one client.

So letâ??s think about that â??ugly ducklingâ? product or service you offer.

If your best client started to use it..

  • Would it be worth $10000 per month to them in increased sales?
  • Would it cut their fixed costs by 11% per month?
  • Would it make their staff or business processes more efficient, faster, profitable?
  • Would it prevent 3 lost time work accidents per year?
  • Would it improve the quality of the products and services they deliver?

If any of those things are true (or similar), why wouldnâ??t you find a way to illustrate the value to them?

Find out why you arenâ??t doing a good job of getting the message across.

Now look at the big picture: Regardless of what it does, if most of your clients started using it, imagine the impact on your clients as a whole.

  • Millions of dollars in sales.
  • Millions in fixed (and/or variable) cost savings.
  • Hundreds fewer days of lost time due to accidents, lower insurance costs, healthier employees.

No matter what this product or service does, if it is as valuable to your clients as you think…why donâ??t more clients buy it?

Ask a few of them. Find out why you arenâ??t doing a good job of getting the message across.


  • Take a hard, critical look at how you position this product or service, how you market it, how you sell it, how you demonstrate its value.
  • Take this product or serviceâ??s entire marketing and sales process apart piece by piece and put it back together, tossing the parts that confuse, or don’t add to the value message you’re trying to get across.
  • Figure out where it falls down. What distracts from the benefits you describe.
  • Clarify what confuses.

Most of all, if you really believe this product or service is the thing your clients truly needâ?¦ then find a way to demonstrate to them that it will be one of the most profitable decisions theyâ??ll make.

If it’s one of the most profitable decisions they make, guess how it’ll turn out for you…