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What sharp people MUST do before July 1st

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On July 1st, how will you read your favorite blogs?

If your answer is “Google Reader”, you’re running out of time – Google Reader goes away on July 1st.

If you depend on Google Reader to read Business is Personal, much less other blogs, it’s time to make a choice about how you will move forward.

If you don’t, your blog reading list will be gone.

How do you avoid losing your blog reading list?

I suggest the following:

1) Use the instructions at Mashable to export your existing Google Reader RSS feed list so you’ll have a backup of the list of feeds you use. This export can be used with any feed reader.

2) Choose a new feed reader to replace Google Reader. Currently the leader seems to be Feedly, but Digg will soon introduce a new reader that might be worth trying. I haven’t seen the Digg Reader yet, but Feedly’s last couple of releases have made substantial strides in usability and performance. It’s a good product.

3) For feeds that are critical to you, you may want to get notifications via email so that you never miss a post.

What about Business is Personal?

To keep getting Business is Personal…

Thank you for reading. It means a lot to me.

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