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What success looks like

What does it look like to YOU, that is?

To get where you are going most efficiently, with the least amount of distractions and dead end side trips, a detailed plan is essential.

But it isn’t just about the plan. You have to be able to see the destination in your mind. You have to think through the nuances as well as what impact they have on your journey to get there.

For example, if a made-over store is one of your goals, what does it look like? How is it merchandised? How big is it? What sort of facilities does it have? Where is it? Same place as your current location, or different?

Drilling down beyond that, what will it take to make all those things happen? What specific level of revenue? What staff positions are needed to make this happen? What expertise do you need to learn or pick up via new or newly-trained staff members? Are there new product lines, services or directions that your products/services need to address in order to make all of this happen?

Think about it. Get it down on paper or on your computer – whatever you use to plan projects.

Knowing what success looks like in extraordinary detail will help you build and execute a better plan for getting there.

One reply on “What success looks like”

You hit some important points here. Bascially this is what a draft or concept is about. It really helps to write things down in general as it can make you more aware and coherent as to what you really want and how you should prioritize. It also gives you an overview and something to go back to.

“What does it look like?” is such an important question because it triggers the imagination and feelings associated with it. If it feels good you’re on the right track of manifesting. But I would try not to get caught up in too many details at the beginning because that tends to overwhelm and maybe drag down. For starters it’s a matter of knowing basics and just doing it, IMO.

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