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What you should be doing about the CPSIA

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I spent some time on the phone today with Senator Baucus’ office in DC. Ended up spending about 20 minutes with Bruce Fergusson, Baucus’ business specialist in this area. 

Bottom line – he said this:

  • If you contact your reps/Senators, calling them by phone is far and away the best thing to do. Call their DC office. Everyone emails and almost no one calls. Calling stands out and gets a real person on the line most times.
  • Because the legislation is already law, calling the CPSC for clarification of the impact on your specific business is best. They have till Feb 10 to formulate the first set of rules for the CPSIA. Your call – the sooner the better – can impact the result. You can contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the contact info behind this link.


Meanwhile, keep working on the other channels of communication:

  • Work as much as possible by phone.
  • Blog.
  • Write letters – real ones with a stamp.
  • Fax.
  • Get interviewed on local tv, radio or in the newspaper.
  • Talk to your vendors, manufacturers reps and markets about it. 
  • Tell your customers about it and ask them to contact their representatives. Give them a short letter to mail and sign to make it easy.

The number of people who know about this law is still very, very small. You can fix that.

February 10th is just around the corner.

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I will get on the phone tomorrow. Nice to know your call was taken and your concerns heard. I would feel better if that was the case. So far not one response to my numerous emails. Snail mailing all my reps and staff over at CPSIA today.

As far as letting people know, no one I’ve mentioned it to (shop keepers, other small businesses that would be affected, etc.) has even heard of it. And when I explain they are in disbelief and assure me I must be mistaken. I wish that was the case . . .

[…] What you should be doing about the CPSIA […]

Great article!

I called the CPSA hotline today and I was told that they are not set up to discuss the new law. They said that nothing was communicated to them as to how to direct inquiries except for an email which is:

I made a comment that it seems a bit odd that this would be passed but yet no one has any information about it.

I suppose that we shoot and then ask questions later.


I feel that this law is foolhardy and not very well thought out!! Think of the American companies and crafters that will be put out of business because of this law? The government tells Americans to go green with one hand and then turns around in essence and tells us to throw away perfectly good inventory into landfills!!!!
With the economy the way it is,how can the government justify taking American’s livelihoods away from them-not to mention with the economy the way it is, consumers are looking to stretch every dollar they can and get the most for the money.
How many people more will be on the unemployment line when this country already has a high rate as of now? The last time I heard the news, it was the Chinese(a few greedy ones)who caused this fiasco!!! Why are Americans being made to pay for what China did?
My livelihood depends on what I sell to pay my bills-if this law goes into effect- I’am wiped out totally!!!! My materials are all purchased from American made companies.
Is the government now saying that we cannot even trust American companies with this law?
The last time I looked, we had laws already in place to protect against such a thing!!!

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