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What you have in common with an Angel

Tiger boots a birdie putt on 18 at the U.S. Open to lose to a relatively unknown dude from Argentina? Exactly what you were expecting, right? Angel Cabrera beats Tiger Woods.

Angel is in the clubhouse, resting at 5 over. He’s done his best for that 4 days, for that course. Meanwhile, Tiger is still out on the course, chasing him.

Who expects Tiger to lose?

He does..just not very often. That’s why he works as hard as he does. That’s why he has a coach.

Still, on any given day (or 4 days), Tiger is beatable.

And so is WalMart. Not at every thing and almost certainly not on price. But at something you do.

It’s hard for Wally World to focus like a laser beam on the ins and outs of say, outdoor power equipment (there I go again) when they have 22,000 SKUs in one store.

You, on the other hand, can focus on that equipment, and the special needs of those who use it.

The result – if you want it? WalMart misses the same putt and you’re the go-to shop for the guy who dotes on his lawn and garden.

Thing is, you have to work just as hard as Angel. No one sees the 2000 balls a day the PGA golfer hits, or the 1500 free throws Michael J used to shoot each day. They only see the glory, the trophy and the money.

Some make it seem easy, but in most cases, the easy part is the only part you see. Sometimes the person who seems to be the “overnight success” has been chipping away for 20 years. You just didn’t notice.

Be the Chinese Water Torture. Drip, drip, drip. One more slight edge. One more shot. One more putt. One more direct mail piece. One more…cuz the loser guy won’t take that extra step.