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Where are the CEOs?

Even the business journals have noticed the retail impact of the predictable movement to upscale, natural pet food.

Yet the CEOs of the companies that make it STILL haven’t come out of their myopia and managed to hit national TV, Oprah, etc.

I really hope you aren’t making the same mistake.

I can think of several other industries (which include lots of small businesses) that are facing similar, substantial challenges, some that could be more serious than the pet food thing.

Where are their CEOs?

For that matter, where are YOU?

Once again, here’s a gift: If the CEO of Joe’s Natural Dog Munchems isn’t smart enough to send Oprah a 500lb bag of dog food and a small bag for every audience member, are YOU?

Look at what Rock Creek Coffee’s master coffee roaster Joel Gargaro did last weekend. That’s a start. Have some brass and step out there. You’ve got nothing to lose.