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Who cares about the iPhone?

If you own a small business, you just might start to care.

First of all, set aside some time to watch the video of Steve Jobs’ iPhone keynote yesterday morning at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Apple QuickTime (a free download) is required to view it.

Pay close attention to how well Apple appears to have listened about when people asked for REAL business support. In the video, the discussion is “enterprise”.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this only means big business.

Even if you don’t watch the entire video, watch the first 5-6 minutes until they show the cover of Fortune magazine and share who participated in the beta testing for iPhone 2.0.

Between March 6th and June 9th 2008, 250,000 people joined the free iPhone 2.0 developer program. In that same period, 25,000+ applied to the paid beta program. 4000 of those were accepted.

Included in these 4000 testers are:

  • the top 5 commercial banks
  • the top 5 securities firms
  • 6 of the 7 top airlines
  • 8 of the 10 top entertainment firms
  • 8 of 10 top pharmaceutical firms
  • the U.S. Military
  • and the Who’s Who in higher education (Duke, Harvard, Stanford, etc)

All told, 35% of the Fortune 500 participated in the beta.

Remember, this is an Apple beta. Why is that a big deal?

Mostly because Apple has never been known a friend of business, much less small business.

Their response to the enterprise’s demands of the first iPhone is a very clear sign that things have changed at Apple. They’re not just for elementary schools and artists anymore.

Even Mister Spock would be impressed with the example applications they showcased. If you watch the video, the musician app was particularly interesting – though not from a business perspective. Also represented were the medical industry, music, Major League Baseball, blogging, education and others.

I’m sitting here watching these demos and the ideas are flying through my mind for clients, much less for friends who are in medicine, forestry, retail, hydrology, you name it.

Take another look at that list of markets above that were in the paid beta program. Do you compete with or work within those fields?

No doubt, one of thoughts going through your mind is “How does he expect me to do this too, when I can’t keep up as it is?”

Look, I’m simply bringing it up, thinking it might spark an idea that generates your next great way to serve your clientèle. That’s not keeping up, it’s staying ahead. You’re either staying ahead or you’re falling behind.

Speaking of keeping up… In an unrelated geeky conversation, a friend of mine said “boy, does it ever illustrate how hard it is to keep up”.

My reply to him: “Its even harder to stay behind.”

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how you might consider using the iPhone to make your small business more personal to your clients.

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Great reply, â??Its even harder to stay behind.â? It is important to realize the value of new technology, and how it can revolutionize entire industries.

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