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Why does the phone ring?

Dave Winer and to a lesser extent today, Seth Godin, have a lesson in listening for you today. 

Dave is right on target with the programmers – but I think it can extend well past the IT department into every part of a business. 

Check out Dave’s “It’s the users, dummy“. 

Listening is easy to do. Its inexpensive (mostly) and the ROI is astounding.

One reply on “Why does the phone ring?”

I could not agree more. Listening is a skill, and if one works hard at developing it, it will pay dividends forever. Before I have a meeting with anyone, I mentally prepare a list of at least ten questions I can ask that will allow others to start talking and me to start listening.

One observation from my experience: the more you talk about yourself to another person, the less they trust you. The more they talk about themselves to you, the more they trust. So we all need to shut our mouths and listen our way to success!

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