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Why Seth buys from Joel

Today’ s guest post is once again from Seth Godin.

I’ll warn you, the video is a tad more than an hour long.

If you don’t have an hour to “get” this stuff, you don’t really care much about your business.

Maybe you don’t need the entire hour. That’s OK (and if so, you’ll probably watch the whole thing despite that.)

Maybe you’ll get it by the end of the Seth buys Joel’s software story. I hope so.

If it takes longer, that’s OK.

For those who are not yet convinced about my repeated discussions about nurturing customer relationships, building a “cult” (in effect) around what you do in your market, maybe Seth will help you get there.

Clap in unison, in rhythm. With those who would be crazy about what you do for them.

But first, give them something to clap about.

Do you have relationships with your clientele like the ones Seth is talking about? How do your products and services create raging fans?

I’m listening.

One reply on “Why Seth buys from Joel”

I read the book and thought it was great! Thanks for the video link though, much easier to get people to watch this video than read the book.

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