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Woopra web analytics: Mom, I take it all back

Over the last few weeks as I (im)patiently waited for Woopra approval for this site’s URL, I said a few grumbly words in the middle of the “Why is it taking 3 weeks to get approved?” kinds of sentences.

Finally, I got notice of approval last night.

With that, I have to say: Mom, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it.
It took a few hours to get some results worth viewing in Woopra, but when they came in – holy moly.

It takes a moment to get used to the serious eye candy in the interface (which isn’t a supermodel, but for a screen, it’s pretty nice), but then you find some pretty cool stuff  – including customizable visitor behavior alerts.

More on this in a future post, but I just had to say – this thing is pretty cool. If you study your site’s visitor behavior (and you should), it’s worth taking a look at.

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