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WordPress 2.5 – A big time breath of fresh air for bloggers

If you’ve blogged for a while, sliding over to the announcement page for WordPress 2.5 will bring a smile to your face.

WordPress has been a really strong app all along, but the stuff in 2.5 is just perfect for the short list of “Man, I sure wish WordPress did ….”

For me, the big ticket items in WordPress 2.5 are:

  • Easier ( in most cases – 1 click ) plugin upgrades.
  • A much better WYSIWYG post editor that doesn’t chomp on your HTML code.
  • Built-in photo galleries (goes to WordPress big cheese Matt Mullenweg’s galleries) which includes EXIF extraction and a vastly better upload tool.
  • Full-screen editing for the wordy among us:)

I’ll be moving to 2.5 here at Business is Personal as part of a refurb that’s I’ve been working on sporadically. I spent too many years in the software business to just upload it and employ the strategy of hope on an existing site that I can’t afford to have down for a week. Since I use WP as a content management system (CMS), I’m testing 2.5 for some new sites, so as I find interesting discoveries, I’ll note them here.

Why do I mention this?

Because small business owners should be blogging and your blog should be on your small business’ website – NOT at the group blog hosting sites or, etc. Positioning, positioning, positioning.