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Work *this* hard

In her continuing quest for transparency (among other things), Hildy asked for examples of emails that had produced tangible fundraising results.

She didn’t get much.

In fact, I don’t think she got any with proven results.

This all started a few weeks ago when she asked about doing a traditional year end fundraising campaign. Hildy and I have known each other for a long while, and she asked me to lay it on the line, which I did here.

An excerpt of my response to her request:

People spend a ton of time crafting direct mail (as they should) but seems like they spend almost no time crafting email to the same person. The cost-to-send isnt the issue, regardless of the media.

What would be in an email youâ??d like to get? What would make YOU stop what you are doing right now and write a big check? Or for that matter, a small check?

What would make you forward a fundraising email to your daughter, your business partner or myself?

The real point of this has little to do with Hildy’s request…and everything to do with your attempts to grow your business.

Do you have exactly what they want? Exactly what they need?

For fans of whatever you sell, whatever you do…is what you offer so perfect for the expert (or enthusiast) that they’d tell their fellow experts / enthusiasts about what you do or sell?

If not…why is that?

That’s how hard you need to be working these days.