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Would one “minor glitch” bring down your company?

Florida power outage

Last October, we discussed the single slip-up that doomed a beef company. Not just doomed it, but in fact, put it completely out of business. A single stumble kills a decades-old business.

Today, a “minor glitch” (according to MSN) caused South Florida’s power grid to puke, and the resulting chain reaction caused two Florida nuclear reactors at Turkey Point to shut down.

While those shutdowns can be explained as safety precautions driven by automated monitoring systems, this was just a minor glitch, right? A minor glitch that cut off power to as many as 3 million people.

Look at your business. What sort of “minor glitch” could shut down your business for a day? A week? Permanently?

Some examples: Internet failure. Frozen merchant account. Boiler failure. Strike. Supplier failure. Power loss. Refrigeration loss. Cash flow. Vehicle problems.

What precautions can you take and processes can you put in place to prevent these glitches from causing serious damage to your business?

Be Prepared.