Yo office is SO ugly…SMART.

Hop over and take a look at

Offices2Share offers “virtual offices”, ie: office space with equipment, admins and such that you might not be able to afford on your own, but that become affordable because you and several other offices are sharing the expense – plus getting your own private office space. One of the players in this venture is George Ross, who just happens to be Trump’s Executive Vice President, an attorney, real estate wizard and so on. Smart guy.

They’re having a contest to see who has the worst home office. Whoever “wins” gets free Offices2Share space for a year, plus a laptop and some other stuff. Total cost to Offices2Share, maybe a few grand. Oh, and lunch with George. Lunch with George Ross (Trump’s lawyer and real estate guy) as a prize, not many can offer that. A nice differentiating touch:)

Very smart marketing.

Why? Because every entrant is a qualified lead for their Offices2Share offices. Even if they give away 10K worth of office space, just ONE of those leads is probably worth more than 10k to them in rent and services in just one year.

Ok, the site could use some improving, but keep in mind that lots of great looking sites cant offer George.

So…how can YOU use this idea, massage it a little and make it work for your business?