Your business vs. Brad and Angelina

On my way to Cleveland yesterday, I stopped into one of the little stores in Salt Lake’s airport to grab a pack of mints. While I was there, there were 2 people about my age scanning a People magazine, talking excitedly about of all things…Brad and Angelina.

Now I don’t claim to be “Mister Wanna-Be-On-Top-Of-Hollywood-Gossip”, but I get all the Brad and Angelina I need between sound bites on CNN and time spent in the line at my favorite Columbia Falls grocery store. Even better (yes, Im kidding), my wife had a drama class in high school with Brad, so my degree of separation from Hollywood is smaller than most people would want. Exciting stuff, eh? 🙂

So we have 2 presumably mature adults taking time out of their lives, time they’ll never have again to spend doing anything else, and theyre using it to talk about Brad and Angelina??? This is a topic that you cant go even 1 day without hearing about Brad and Angelina breaking up, having babies, fighting with Jen or what-ever, unless you don’t pick up the paper, see CNN, walk through the grocery store, etc.

Are these the same 2 clients that you think will get sick of hearing you if you send them a monthly newsletter? I dont think so.

You’ve got to rise above the level of generic noise that your clients hear. You’ve got to provide some quality information, good news, ways to help your client get more/better use out of your product, provide a secret or two, etc. You don’t have to become the publisher of the New York Times, it’s just a little newsletter. Even 1 page is better than nothing, because if nothing else, it shows your clients that you are thinking about them and trying to help them. Get started today.

I wonder what Jennifer Aniston is up to today…

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